Hi! My name is Peter Barnes, I'm so happy you're here!

Owner of Intrepid Visuals Photography


I'm often asked why photography is important.

While we all live beautifully unique lives, two things are common

Time moves too quickly

& our memories are inherently flawed

Photographs capture stories in a way that words never could…they transcend time and memory and serve as a legacy of your love—passed down for generations to come. Photos are not only how you yourself remember, but how you’re remembered by others.

I am incredibly humbled to give my couples their most treasured moments and stories through photographs that would otherwise go forgotten. I seize memories & moments for a living, and I cannot think of a more meaningful mission to be given.

I visually tell stories with images in a way that is genuine to who you are. I often become close friends with my couples to ensure that the art I create is authentic and hits close to home.

I won’t tell you to fake laugh
Your partner will make you laugh plenty

I won’t tell you to smile & look at the camera
Instead you’ll look directly at your partner, the one you’re spending your life with!

I won’t spend 30 minutes on one shot trying to make it “perfect”
The perfectly imperfect details of your day are what give it personality, and I want all of those things to come through in your photos.

I won’t put you in any super awkward poses
I’ll pose you just enough to be comfortable, and let you and your partner’s personality do the rest.

Want your love story to be told authentically?

here's how this works


The first step to peace of mind is completing my contact form and hitting send! In less than 24 hours you will receive a text message directly from me to schedule our discovery & consultation phone call! This will help me learn more about you, your partner and what you're looking forward to the most about your special day!


Once you and your partner have decided that you want me to document your wedding, all you need to do is sign your online contract and put down a $1000 non-refundable retainer! From that point on we are officially working together and you can breathe a huge sigh of relief; you just checked off one of the BIGGEST items on your to-do list!


When you have me by your side on your wedding day, you will not have to worry about photographs. Instead, you will have the peace of mind knowing that when it's all over, your dress hung up in your closet, the tux returned and the cake eaten, your photographs will tell an irreplaceable story that brings your emotions back to life.

My Story // Peter Barnes

My Why

My inspiration and drive comes from the stories of my couples. It would be so easy to just show up to your wedding and take some pretty pictures. Anybody can do that, but I want to do so much more than that.

I want to create art that will let you see yourselves in your own best light. So that when life happens and you go to bed angry, you can look at your photographs and remember who you love, and why you love them.

I want to capture everything that makes you "you". All of the imperfect moments included! The beautiful, magazine worthy, images that we create together combined with your authentic story and unique love will give you an amazing narrative that will remind you of EXACTLY how you felt on that day.

That is why I am a wedding photographer.

And more than just a wedding photographer, I'm so fortunate that I get to become friends with the couples I photograph, getting to truly come alongside their values and give them the peace of mind that their day is being captured just like they imagined it.


Who I am

I'm Peter! I'm a Nebraska native & a free spirit (I am an ENFP after all!). My daytime hobbies include writing music, binge watching Hot Ones & enjoying the company of my close friends! I also play guitar in a hardcore band called Been Better!

I got my start in photography during my senior year of high school when I wasn't happy with where my life was at. I was longing for a change and desperately wanted to chase something that lit a fire in my soul. When I first picked up a camera it quickly became the fire.

In January of 2015 I picked up a camera for the first time. In October of 2015 I started Intrepid Visuals. I named my company after my friend's 2001 Dodge Intrepid (it means fearless, and I'm all about that!)

In 2018 I took the plunge to dedicate my career to wedding photography full time. I haven’t looked back since!!

There are so many amazing things about being a photographer, but the most valuable thing that I've come to appreciate is the ability to give so much of myself to my friends and family. I've discovered that what truly drives me in life is building relationships and providing value, and being able to do that not only for my couples but everyone that I encounter has forever changed my perspective on what's important.


When the wedding is over and your memories start to fade,

your photographs will tell an irreplaceable story that brings emotions back to life— a legacy of your love that transcends time. You will have authentic, intimate & timeless images that will remind you everyday of who you love & why you love them.


How many images do you include?

Couples should expect to receive at least 400 images for their wedding. I don't use a set number because it is constantly changing, but I'll include every awesome moment! If you'd like to see a full gallery so you can see what all is included, I'd be happy to send one over to you!

What is your turnaround time?

Wedding images are delivered in 2 months, engagement photos are delivered in 2 weeks.

How does payment work?

I take a $1000 non-refundable retainer to lock off your date. At that point I am turning away brides for your date! The rest of the balance is due 1 month before your wedding. Payment schedules can be arranged by request.

Do you offer videography?

I believe in doing one thing and doing it really damn well. Basically, it would be impossible for me to do both. However, I've worked with a bunch of incredible videographers who do amazing work. If you're looking for referrals, I'd be happy to send them over!

Can we print our photos on our own?

Absolutely! Every one of my collections includes full-resolution downloads and a print release to do with whatever you'd like! More than anything I just want you two to have real & physical copies of your photographs.

Do you travel?

Yes! While I primarily work in Omaha, Nebraska, I serve couples all over the state. For weddings within 100 miles of Omaha there are no travel fees. For weddings outside of that range all I ask is for two nights at a hotel close to your venue as well as airfare if necessary.