3 Reasons Why You Should Have A First Look

September 25, 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A First Look

While it is tradition to not see your beloved until you are walking down the aisle, it is 2018 and first looks are becoming more and more common. Continue reading for 3 reasons why you should have a first look!

1.) This moment is for YOU
First looks are so magical and there are so many incredible emotions happening all at once. You and your partner deserve to experience this moment alone & together, not being stared down by all of your guests. This also means you get to live the moment twice, once personally & the second down the aisle. This also provides your photographer an amazing opportunity to capture the real and candid love between you two!

2.) You get to spend more time with your fiancé
With no first look in a wedding day, the time you get to spend with your spouse is short and fast paced, from leaving your ceremony to mingling with all of your guests at the reception during cocktail hour. With a first look, you get to spend more time just relaxing with the person you love most.

3.) You can get all of your formal photos done before your ceremony
This one is huge. With a first look in your wedding you are able to get all of your family & wedding party photos done before your ceremony. This means you don’t have to try to wrangle family after the ceremony and you can immediately head from the church to the party with no more formal photos needing to be taken.

With all of this being said, the last piece of advice I have is this:

Whether or not you have a first look, the moment you see your beloved walking down the aisle will still be one of the peak emotional points of your day.


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