Genna & Cody | Rustic Barn Wedding | Roca, NE

August 8, 2019

Genna & Cody, man. These two are the definition of a perfect match. From the moment I met these two during their engagement shoot i knew that their story was beautiful and genuine. Their day was full of laughing, tears of joy, and so much partying. I can’t describe the energy of these two so I’m just thankful that I got to be there to tell the truth.

Genna is an archetype of a strong woman. Throughout her life she has had so many struggles but has managed to keep going and has found a safe place with Cody where she feels taken care of. There is such a beautiful energy when they’re together and you can tell that beyond all of the gorgeous wedding decor (done 100% by Genna) there is genuine love fueling a marriage that will only get stronger as the years go by.

See Genna and Cody’s full wedding at Creekside Barn below:


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