9 Ways To Have a Stress Free Wedding

September 25, 2018

Your wedding will be one of the most amazing days of your life. But naturally with weddings comes a lot of stress and confusion. As a wedding photographer I’ve been to so many weddings and have seen what works and seen what doesn’t. Continue reading for 9 ways to have a stress free wedding day!

1.) Bring a pair of flats
While obvious but often forgotten, flats can be the unsung hero for your feet on your wedding day. Let’s be real, after your ceremony no one will care (or even notice) that you aren’t wearing your beautiful, expensive & painful high heels. So save yourself the days of pain and recovery and get some flats for the reception.

2.) Take a video of your dress being bustled
Wedding dresses are very confusing. And while your mother & your maid of honor will likely be with you while you pick out your dress, they might forget how to bustle it, or you simply might not be able to find them in the moment. Having a pre-recorded video of your dress being bustled will ensure than anyone will be able to get your dress in line.

3.) Remember to eat
Throughout the entire day your mind will be racing to so many different things. Because of this it is very easy to forget that you are a human and have basic human needs, like food. Make sure that someone, whether it’s your mom or your aunt, is in charge of providing food for you and your wedding party before your ceremony. Also, remember to eat it! You do not want to be going light-headed during your ceremony.

4.) Budget more time than you think you need
Time always seems to go just a bit too quickly. Save yourself the headache and budget yourself a little more time than you think you need. Especially for getting ready in the morning, things can take a long time if all of your bridesmaids are getting their hair and makeup done as well. For formal photos, I always like to budget an extra half hour afterwards before the ceremony to make sure that we have time for everything. (Click here for 4 ways to ROCK your formal photos without the headache)

5.) Have a timeline
While it may seem obvious, having a solid timeline of your entire day can be the difference between an amazing wedding, and an awful one. Your timeline will give you solid start and end times for every part of your day which will give you the confidence to direct people throughout.

6.) Have a shot list
Often combined within your wedding timeline, having a predetermined list of “must have” photographs is an incredible peace of mind for you and your photographer. Don’t over think it, you don’t need to specify every single little fleeting moment that you want to have captured, a good photographer will know what moments need to be documented.

7.) Have all critical contact information in one place
This is so important. Get your phone number, your spouse’s phone number, the address to your ceremony, the address to reception etc all compiled into one place. I put all of this at the top of the timeline that comes standard for all of my couples. This can circumvent so much confusion if someone needs to get ahold of the groom but doesn’t have is phone number. Or if someone needs the exact address to the reception, you will have it on file and ready to go!

8.) Have your emergency kit & details in one bag
When you are getting ready in the morning you do not want to be wondering where the box for your earrings are, or if you remembered to bring the crotchet hook from the night before. Do yourself a favor and get all of those things into one bag so that you know where to look for everything. Make sure someone is in charge of that bag at all times so that you have everything you need.

9.) Relax
I can’t stress (hah) this one enough! The best piece of advice I can give you on your wedding day is to slow down and relax. Enjoy the time you have and enjoy the company of the people surrounding you. Don’t sweat the little problems & remember the big picture. Your day is going to be amazing!


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