Wilderness Ridge is the venue you have been dreaming about. A beautiful, all wood interior, an absolutely stunning ceremony island & a beautiful clubhouse surrounded by endless hills. If you’ve always imagined your wedding being sophisticated & elegant while also being full of style and timelessness, Wilderness Ridge is probably the first and last venue you’ll need to look at.

I love that Wilderness Ridge is off in it’s own area on the south side of Lincoln with plenty of parking. It truly feels like you’re escaping all of the noise of the city and just getting to spend an entire day in an incredible space getting married to the one you love. Wilderness Ridge can do both your ceremony & reception as well as provide ample space for the bride and groom to get ready. This massively simplifies your wedding by eliminating the need to travel between locations.

Here’s what you need to know about getting married at Wilderness Ridge.

Brief History of Wilderness Ridge

The building that would become Wilderness Ridge was originally built in Montana. The builders cut down the trees, put it together and then later tore it apart and brought all of the original wood to Lincoln in 2004. This gives Wilderness Ridge an unmistakable uniqueness. There is no other building of its kind anywhere in Lincoln.

Wilderness Ridge’s timeless design makes decorating an ease, with couples really only needing to decide how to decorate their tables. The natural appearance of the building lends itself very well to any style of wedding. Combine that with the stunning Wedding Island and your vision of a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and a stunning indoor reception becomes very accessible.

Available space and guests that can be held

The outdoor Wedding Island can seat up to 250 guests with extra standing room in the back.

The Yellowstone Ballroom, Wilderness Ridge’s main ballroom, can seat up to 275 guests.

Besides the Wedding Island & The Yellowstone Ballroom there are also smaller rooms that are available to use as breakaway space for things such as catering, a kids room or just a space to get away and take a break. Wilderness Ridge also has a full scale restaurant named the Beartooth room with a built in bar that is also available to rent, though not as often. Lastly, the Bitterroot room is a smaller room designed to seat around 100 guests for more intimate weddings.

In the downstairs level of Wilderness Ridge are the large men and women’s locker rooms which are available to couples to have them and their bridal party get ready in the morning.

Catering & Rentals

Wilderness Ridge provides in house catering and bar service for weddings. Couples are not able to bring in an outside caterer. Wilderness Ridge catering has dishes that range from $23 – $40 per person with a menu that has something for everybody. Wilderness Ridge works closely with Nebraska brewers to be able to provide just about any kind of alcohol you could want. Wilderness Ridge’s bar service is completely customizable to the couple and as such prices can vary drastically.

For rentals, all of the tables, chairs, glassware, silverware, and linens are included in the room rental. Wilderness Ridge has 4 linen colors available to choose & Wilderness Ridge’s staff will handle all of the setup and tear down.

Other Considerations

One of the biggest strengths of Wilderness Ridge is how it streamlines many of the most important aspects of your day into one space under one company run by a professional staff. Once you book your date at Wilderness Ridge all that is left is a photographer, dress & florals. Here are some of the extra perks of booking your wedding at Wilderness Ridge.

– If it rains on the day, Wilderness Ridge can flip the reception space to accommodate the ceremony.
– Discounted golf rounds are available to couples who have booked their wedding at Wilderness Ridge.
– Golf carts and drivers are available to bring the couple to any part of the grounds
– Wilderness Ridge staff will handle the set up and tear down of each location
– A dedicated day-of coordinator will be present throughout your entire day

To book your wedding at Wilderness Ridge, fill out their contact form here!

some of my favorite images taken at Wilderness Ridge

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